The following are tips by Megan:

1. Be organized! I can’t stress this enough. Have a list before you go into your store and put all the coupons you need for the deals in an envelope.

2. Stock up on items you use frequently. I have a friend who always buys the same exact things week after week and I asked her one day why she didn’t just stock up when the items are on sale. Stockpiling has changed my life. I never have to run to my corner store when I run out of toilet paper and pay top dollar, its always in my stockpile when I bought it at a rockbottom price.

3. Know the coupon policy of the store you’re shopping in. Sometimes I know the policy better than the cashier, i.e. when at Target I go to use a Target coupon I printed from their website AND a manufactures coupon I got from my Sunday paper together on one item, a few cashiers told me I can’t. But you absolutely can and it even says so on their printable coupons. Now if I sent my boyfriend into the store with the coupons and the cashier told him no, he would’ve just said ok and wouldn’t have known to correct the cashier and would pay more for the item than he should’ve.


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