Sell Your Goods Everywhere!!!! Ebay is not the only place to go.

Hello My Peeps!! I love you guys sooo much and want us all to succeed and thrive and..WE WILL!!

Many of my subscribers on my mommipreneur Youtube channel have inboxed me about why am I promoting eBay sooo hard. Many have had “not so good” experiences on eBay and lately, my experience has been a little shady as well, but I still love eBay!! Ok, so let’s look at this differently then! Let’s find other platforms to sell on and make us some MULA!!! – Auction does not charge any listing or final value fees, but does charge you for enhancements like bolding your listing and so on.  Traffic seems a bit low, and a lot of bells and whistles you’re used to seem to be missing. – Bidtopia has some unique ideas in that bidding and selling have to be done from separate accounts.  The site only charges final value fees and focuses heavily on $.99 auctions.– The site allows you to import your existing items from eBay and Craigslist, encourages direct contact between buyers and sellers, and prides itself on a quick listing process. – eBid offers several country specific sites, free registration, no listing fees for auctions, and even offers you the ability to pay for a lifetime membership that will remove all final value fees from your listings. – ePier does not charge any listing fees, but their final value fees are fairly high.  Focuses heavily on localized auctions with city listings for places like Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington DC and more. – iOffer is not an auction site, but lets you buy and sell after negotiating with other users.  Offers you the chance to import your items and reputation from eBay and other sites. – Basic Online Auction registration is free, but verification will cost you $4 a month, and selling will cost you $8 a month.  Paying the selling fee will keep you from paying any final value fees. – SOC Exchange charges a flat rate of $1 a month or $10 a year for unlimited auction listings. – While it is free to list auctions, open a store and bid, Webidz charges you $5.00 to become a verified member, and you will be charged this fee any time you change your personal information.

Let’s do this my PEEPS!!! After Christmas, I will join these other auction sites and get back to you on whether I like them, or not!! Ande remember, in all things that you do, KEEP IT REAL!!!!


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